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Plan A: Abide in Christ, Disciple the World!

According to Jesus in the Upper Room Discourse (John 13-17) all we have to do to disciple the world is to abide in Christ and obey the Great Commission, as He prescribed. The early disciples did just that, and Christ did all that He promised through them and for them. Plan A: Abide in Christ, Disciple the World shows how the Great Commission was obeyed in Acts by first century believers. It is eye-opening to see their literal obedience, as they implemented the same pattern, led by the Spirit, in every place.

Plan A shows how we and our ministry partners have applied the Acts pattern with astounding results and how you can also implement the strategy. These principles have resulted in multiple generational church-planting movements and outstanding evangelistic results world-wide.

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Any 3: Lead Muslims to Christ Now!

The strength of Any-3 is the simplicity and clarity with which the gospel is shared early in relationships as a filter for openness. Since its inception in 2005, several million people have heard the gospel from believer’s mouths in this relational, non-combative way.

As a result, tens of thousands of Muslim background believers are worshipping Christ in multiplying house churches. Also, untold thousands have come to faith as Any-3 has adapted to reach people of various religious and non-religious backgrounds. Any-3 is powerful, because the gospel is powerful.


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Going Up!: Alive in Christ on Mission

“Glorify God by abiding in Christ to fulfill the Great Commission." This is the theme of the teaching Jesus gave to His disciples the night before He was crucified. Jesus intimate and challenging teachings, especially in John 13-17 prepare those obeying the Great Commission to be alive in Christ while on mission with Him.

Going Up: Alive in Christ on Mission is a spiritual preparation manual for Great Commission workers. It guides readers step by step through how to abide in Christ, as taught by Jesus himself in the Upper Room. According to Jesus, all we have to do to disciple the world is to abide in Christ and obey the Great Commission. This book guides us to abide in Christ while obeying His prescribed mission strategy.

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Apostolic Leadership

Having experienced numerous church planting movements, I was compelled to write the most practical book possible about how to lead believers to implement the Great Commission generationally, resulting in healthy, multiplying churches. Apostolic Leadership is based on how the original apostles equipped new believers to obey the Great Commission and how effective modern practitioners are applying those principles. 

Modern Great Commission efforts almost always face roadblocks. First, new believers often don’t reach others, hindering church formation. Second, when groups are formed, they either remain as groups, without full obedience to the word or become churches who are led by outsiders. Third, leaders are almost exclusively trained by outsiders, hindering the propagation of indigenous leaders. The results are anemic discipleship and stagnant church planting.

These are three indigenous locks (“I “Locks) that unless opened, prevent planting healthy generational churches. The apostolic leadership keys that open these locks are the “E” Keys (Exemplify and Equip). Successful application of the “E” keys allows church planters to accomplish the goal of indigeneity, resulting in healthy church planting, discipleship, and leadership development.



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